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Does the Age of the Victim Affect a Pensacola Slip and Fall Claims?

» Written by // May 7, 2021 //

Slip and Fall Incident Report

People of all ages slip and fall every day in Pensacola. Most may only suffer minor bruises, but many are seriously injured. When another person’s lack of responsibility caused the fall, slip and fall victims may be able to seek compensation to cover numerous harmful effects from the fall, including pain and suffering. 

But how much compensation can they receive? Does their age affect the amount they are likely to recover? While there are many factors that go into determining a damage award in every premises liability case, a knowledgeable Pensacola slip and fall attorney explains the role age can play in recovery.  

Understanding Compensation in Slip and Fall Cases

Before discussing the effect of age on compensation in slip and fall cases, it is helpful to look at the types of compensation that may be awarded and how the amounts may be set. Overall, when someone’s negligence causes a personal injury, the victim may be entitled to receive compensation designed to restore them to the condition they were in before the negligent action. They might receive amounts to make up for earnings lost while they were unable to work, as well as earnings they might not receive in the future because of the effect of the injuries. Accident victims can also receive compensation for medical expenses and future medical needs. While no amount of money can restore the time lost during recovery or make up for the pain they’ve experienced, the law also provides compensation for these intangible losses. 

When determining the amount an accident victim should receive for each type of loss, courts typically consider not only the losses that have already occurred but also those that could be expected in the future. This is where a Pensacola slip and fall attorney probably sees the most significant impact of age on an award of compensation.

Age Impacts a Victim’s Future Needs

Looking at the law of averages, the younger a person is when they suffer a severe injury, the greater the portion of their life will be negatively impacted by that injury. They may experience pain and loss of mobility for more years. The amount of income they can earn over their lifetime will decrease by a larger percentage. The amount of time they will need extra medical care is likely to be much longer than if they’d suffered the injury at an older age. All these factors mean that slip and fall victims who are younger may receive greater compensation for all the aspects of their lives affected by the accident.

Age Can Increase the Severity of Injuries

While younger accident victims may receive more to account for future losses, a slip and fall attorney in Pensacola may help an older accident victim receive more for a different reason. The impact of a slip and fall often results in much more severe injuries for older individuals.

Even if pre-existing conditions contribute to the injuries in a slip and fall case, the victim may be entitled to compensation for all the resulting effects. 

Our Pensacola Slip and Fall Attorney Will Work to Recover Fair Compensation

Regardless of your age, if you or a loved one suffered injuries in a fall on someone else’s property, an experienced Pensacola slip and fall attorney could investigate to determine whether the property owner can be held liable. The dedicated injury lawyers at Searcy Denney can evaluate your claim based on legal precedent and explain your options for recovering fair compensation. To get started, contact us now.


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