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How to Check if Your Vehicle Was Recalled

» Written by // November 23, 2020 //

Vehicle recall.

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The makers of cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles issue factory recalls all the time. Sometimes the manufacturer voluntarily recalls vehicles, while other times, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) orders the recall.

A recall indicates that a vehicle has a potentially dangerous defect, so Pensacola accident lawyers know it is critical to address the issue as soon as possible. Learn how to determine whether your vehicle is subject to any recalls and what to do about it.

Pensacola Accident Attorneys Understand Why Recalls are So Important

Car accidents claim a tragically high number of lives each year in Pensacola. Often, Pensacola accident lawyers see instances where the cause of these accidents can be traced to mechanical problems or other defects in the vehicles involved.

When a vehicle is recalled, it means that someone has discovered a defect that either “fails to meet minimum safety standards” or creates an “unreasonable safety risk,” according to the NHTSA. To avoid unnecessary injuries, motorists need to know when their vehicles are subject to recalls as soon as possible so the defect can be repaired.

Methods to Determine Whether Your Car is Subject to a Recall

Manufacturers are supposed to notify vehicle owners by mail if they issue a recall. However, what happens if you have moved or if the notice gets lost in the mail?

Many car, truck, and motorcycle owners can benefit from the Safercar VIN Look-up tool created by the NHTSA. Using this free online service, the vehicle owner can enter the Vehicle Identification Number of the car, truck, or motorcycle, and the service will report any unresolved recalls for that vehicle.

To use the service, look for the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN printed on your vehicle’s title or registration or stamped on the lower-left corner of the driver’s side dashboard of the vehicle. Input the number in the online tool, and the reporting software will tell you whether any recalls have not been addressed. This service will not work for certain trucks and other vehicles. If a vehicle is not in the system, it would be good to contact the manufacturer directly for recall information.

What To Do When There is a Recall

When people in Pensacola find out there is a recall on their car, Pensacola accident lawyers sometimes see them react in two extreme ways. Some people panic, while others ignore the recall. Neither course of action is ideal.

Instead, when you find out there is a recall on your vehicle, you should contact your local dealership as soon as possible to schedule service to correct the problem. The dealer is supposed to provide the necessary repairs for free. You should also ask if there is guidance on interim safety measures to take until the issue is corrected.

Contact Pensacola Accident Lawyers if Vehicle Defects May Have Caused an Accident

Motor vehicle accidents often lead to severe injuries with lifelong consequences. When an accident is due to a vehicle defect, the manufacturer or other party may be liable for the harm you suffer.

Pensacola accident lawyers could investigate to determine whether a defect is an issue in your case. For a free consultation, call the experienced team at Searcy Denney at 888-549-7011 or contact us online now.




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