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No Recovery, You Owe Us Nothing

Our Fort Walton Beach Accident Attorneys Help Victims Recover Just Compensation. 

For more than 40 years, the attorneys at Searcy Denney have been helping accident victims in Fort Walton Beach and throughout Florida recover just compensation for their losses. We understand the practical consequences of facing financial strain while recovering from severe traumatic injuries, and we know what it means for our clients to win the financial compensation they deserve. If you have been seriously injured, we can seek just compensation on your behalf—and we can help you get back to your normal life.

Our Fort Walton Beach accident attorneys handle cases involving all types of serious accidents and injuries. We routinely represent clients who have suffered substantial losses, and we take pride in making sure our clients have the financial resources they need to recover. Regardless of what happened, and no matter who is to blame, our attorneys will do whatever it takes to make sure you receive just compensation. Are you ready to get started? So are we.

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Proven Results in Florida Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, and Product Defect Lawsuits

With centuries of combined legal experience, our attorneys have secured billions of dollars in compensation for our clients. This includes winning substantial settlements and verdicts for clients who have suffered severe traumatic injuries and lost loved ones under a broad range of circumstances. 

Is it Time for You to Speak with One of Our Fort Walton Beach Accident Attorneys?

Many people struggle with the decision of whether to contact an attorney. At Searcy Denney, we want to make sure this decision is as simple as possible: If you have put in the effort to look for an attorney, you owe it to yourself to speak with one about your legal rights. Our initial consultations are complimentary and completely risk-free, and we are more than happy to speak with you to determine if you have a claim for financial compensation. 

  • Were you involved in a car, truck, SUV or motorcycle accident?
  • Were you injured on public or private property?
  • Were you injured by a product that seemed to malfunction or that did not work as you expected?
  • Are you concerned about the quality of your or a loved one’s medical care?
  • Has your child, spouse or parent been seriously injured? Or, have you lost a close family member in an accident?

If your answer to any of these questions is, “Yes,” then our accident attorneys can help you understand your situation and decide if it makes sense to pursue a claim for just compensation. 

Schedule a Free Initial Consultation in Fort Walton Beach, FL

To speak with one of our Fort Walton Beach accident attorneys about your legal rights, please call 800-780-8607 or request a free initial consultation online. We speak with people just like you every day, and our attorneys can take action immediately if necessary in order to protect your legal rights.


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