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No Recovery, You Owe Us Nothing

A Macon Birth Injury Lawyer Answers Frequently-Asked Questions About Families’ Legal Rights

What do Georgia parents need to know about birth injuries? The answer should be, “Nothing.” No child deserves to be injured, and no family deserves to face the consequences of an OB-GYN, delivery doctor or other medical professional’s mistake. Unfortunately, medical mistakes during pregnancy, labor and delivery are common, and many parents will find themselves in need of a Macon birth injury lawyer. If you find yourself in this tragic situation, here is some important information you should know:

Q: What is a “birth injury?”

Before we cover some more-specific issues, it is worth considering what exactly constitutes a “birth injury.” From a legal perspective, a birth injury is any adverse medical condition that results from a medical mistake during pregnancy, labor or delivery. Injuries sustained as a result of negligent neonatal care are generally classified as birth injuries as well. A birth injury can be immediately apparent, or it may only become known later once signs of developmental delays begin to appear. While there are many different types of birth injuries, some of the most-common conditions include:

  • Injuries caused by a lack of oxygen
  • Nerve injuries
  • Shoulder and collarbone injuries
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Various forms of palsy

Q: Are there risk factors for birth injuries?

Yes, there are certain risk factors that can increase the chances of a child sustaining an injury during gestation or childbirth. Generally speaking, health care providers should identify these risk factors and address them proactively. Failure to diagnose maternal and fetal risk factors are among the most-common forms of medical malpractice leading to birth injuries. 

Q: Is there a statute of limitations for birth injury claims in Georgia?

Yes, Georgia has a special statute of limitations that applies specifically to birth injury claims. Section 9-3-73(b) of the Georgia Code states: “A minor who has not attained the age of five years shall have two years from the date of such minor's fifth birthday within which to bring a medical malpractice action if the cause of action arose before such minor attained the age of five years.” In other words, Georgia parents generally have until their child’s seventh birthday to file a birth injury claim.

Q: What are some of the most-common causes of birth injuries?

In addition to failure to diagnose maternal and fetal risk factors, other common causes of birth injuries include failure to treat diagnosed medical conditions, medication errors, improper use of medical tools during delivery, and failure to perform an emergency C-section. However, there are numerous forms of medical malpractice that can lead to birth injuries, and determining the cause in any particular case will require a thorough investigation.

Q: Do your birth injury lawyers handle cases on contingency?

Yes, we handle all birth injury claims on a contingency-fee basis. With our fee promise, you owe us nothing unless we recover financial compensation on your family’s behalf.

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