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Signs You Need a Valdosta Car Accident Attorney


No Recovery, You Owe Us Nothing

Should You Hire a Valdosta Car Accident Attorney? Here’s What You Need to Know

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be stressful. Much of this stress comes from dealing with uncertainty. How much will your injuries cost you? Are you entitled to financial compensation? If so, how do you make sure you receive the full financial compensation you deserve? Should you hire a Valdosta car accident attorney to represent you?

Many of these questions are not easy to answer. However, one decision you should not stress over is the decision to speak with an attorney. You owe it to yourself to seek help, and our attorneys are more than happy to speak with you about your car accident case.

5 Signs You May Need a Car Accident Law Firm

1. You Were Injured

If you were involved in a minor fender bender and no one got hurt, then you may be able to successfully handle your insurance claim on your own. However, if you were injured, you may need help from an attorney. Even filing a successful “no-fault” personal injury protection (PIP) claim can be difficult, and filing a successful fault-based auto accident claim will almost certainly require experienced legal representation.

2. The Insurance Companies are Fighting Your Claim

If you are attempting to handle your claim on your own and you are facing resistance from the insurance companies, this is a sign that you may need an attorney as well. This could mean that you don’t have a claim to pursue, but it could also mean that the insurance companies are trying to avoid paying you the compensation you deserve. In either scenario, an experienced car accident attorney can help you understand your situation and explain the options you have available.

3. The Other Driver Fled the Scene of the Accident

If the other driver fled the scene of the accident, your case will present some additional challenges. In order to ensure that you have every opportunity to secure the financial compensation you deserve, you should speak with a Valdosta car accident attorney about your case as soon as possible.

4. The Other Driver Said He or She was Uninsured

Dealing with uninsured drivers also presents unique challenges. Our attorneys can confirm whether or not the driver was insured (some drivers are mistaken, and some falsely claim to be uninsured in hopes of avoiding claims against their policies), and we can seek just compensation from all available sources.

5. Some Factor Other Than Driver Negligence Caused Your Crash

If a factor other than driver negligence (i.e. a road or vehicle defect) caused your crash, then your case will involve a claim outside of the usual auto insurance claims process. You will need an attorney to establish liability and secure just compensation on your behalf.

Speak with a Valdosta Car Accident Lawyer for Free

Regardless of the circumstances involved in your case, if you have been injured, we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation about your legal rights. To speak with an experienced Valdosta car accident lawyer in confidence, call 888-829-3357 or request a free consultation online today. 


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