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Medical Misdiagnosis


No Recovery, You Owe Us Nothing

Misdiagnosis is the Most-Common Form of Medical Malpractice. Let a Tallahassee Misdiagnosis Lawyer Help. 

What if you went to the hospital with a serious injury and the doctor sent you home? What if you received a diagnosis that you subsequently learned was incorrect? What if saw your doctor regularly for years before one day discovering that you had an advanced form of cancer? While these occurrences may sound unthinkable to most people, the reality is that these types of diagnostic errors are alarmingly common. In fact, they are the single most-common form of medical malpractice. Our Tallahassee misdiagnosis lawyer regularly represents clients who are suffering due to severe diagnostic mistakes.

Understanding the Three Types of Misdiagnosis

In Florida, Misdiagnoses can be broadly characterized in three different categories. Each category involves a form of medical malpractice, and all misdiagnoses carry the potential for severe medical implications.

1. Failure to Diagnose

The simplest form of misdiagnosis involves failing to diagnose a patient’s medical condition. This can result from a variety of different factors, from failing to conduct an adequate physical examination to failing to order necessary tests or misinterpreting the patient’s scans.

2. Delayed Diagnosis

When an accurate diagnosis is made too late, this is referred to as a “delayed diagnosis.” Oftentimes, patients will be sent home without treatment only to continue to experience symptoms and return days, months or years later to finally receive an accurate diagnosis.

3. Incorrect Diagnosis

A third form of misdiagnosis involves diagnosing a patient with a condition that he or she does not actually have. This can be extremely dangerous because not only does the patient’s true condition go untreated, but the patient also receives treatment and medications that he or she does not need.

Our Tallahassee Misdiagnosis Lawyer Seeks Financial Compensation for All Effects of Misdiagnoses  

If you received an improper diagnosis due to medical malpractice, you are entitled to financial compensation for all of your losses resulting from your doctor’s mistake. This includes compensation for:

  •       Failure to Treat the Patient’s Injury or Illness – You are entitled to compensation for the physical, psychological and financial effects of your doctor’s failure to treat your injury or illness.
  •       Proving Treatment for the Wrong Condition – If you received treatment for the wrong condition, you are entitled to compensation for the physical, psychological and financial costs of undergoing unnecessary medical treatment as well.
  •       Prescription and Administration of Dangerous Medications – You are also entitled to compensation for any financial and non-financial effects of receiving inappropriate and unnecessary prescription medications.
  •       Loss of Income – If you have missed work due to your misdiagnosis, or if you will be unable to work in the future, you are entitled to compensation for your loss of income and earning capacity.
  •       Pain, Suffering and Other NonFinancial Losses – In addition to direct financial losses, patients who receive misdiagnoses are entitled to compensation for their pain, suffering and other forms of non-financial harm.

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