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Should I Settle My Car Accident Claim Without a Pensacola Lawyer?

» Written by // January 29, 2021 //

Let’s be honest — no one wants to pay a lawyer for something they can handle themselves. But sometimes, just “handling” a situation is not enough. To make the most of your opportunities, you need knowledge that comes from experience.

That is why many car accident victims find it beneficial to work with a Pensacola personal injury lawyer on their car accident claim. Even if you have no intention of taking the matter to court, assistance from a seasoned accident attorney could make a tremendous difference in the outcome of your case.

Our Pensacola Personal Injury Lawyer Understands the Value of Your Claim

Do you know how much you may be entitled to receive after your car accident? The insurance company for the other side may know, but they certainly will not tell you. In fact, chances are that they are hoping you do not learn the true value of your claim so that you will be willing to less for less.

The value of a car accident claim will vary depending on many factors. These include tangible elements such as the value of wages lost due to time missed from work and intangible factors like pain and suffering. You could receive damages covering:

  • Medical bills
  • Future medical needs
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced future earning capacity
  • Pain, suffering, and inconvenience
  • Emotional anguish
  • Modifications to the home or personal assistance

There are several different methods a Pensacola personal injury lawyer uses to calculate the value of different types of damages to arrive at a total figure. This amount can be compared with a settlement offer to determine whether the offer provides fair compensation.

A Pensacola Personal Injury Lawyer Understands How to Conduct Claim Negotiations

Do you know how to write an effective demand letter? Most of us have never seen or even heard of a demand letter, but they are a tool used regularly by a personal injury lawyer in Pensacola.

In many ways, a demand letter is similar to a legal brief that attorneys submit to a court explaining why their client is entitled to judicial relief. When an insurance company receives a well-prepared demand letter, they know they are dealing with someone familiar with the car accident claims process and someone who will not be tempted to settle for less than the full amount appropriate under the circumstances.

The demand letter is only the start of a successful claims negotiation process. Working with an attorney who has handled multiple cases from start to finish can give you a distinct advantage in the negotiation process.

Learn How Our Pensacola Personal Injury Lawyer Will Handle Your Claim

The best way to find out the advantages a dedicated attorney could provide in handling your car accident claim is to talk to a Pensacola personal injury lawyer directly. For a free consultation and case evaluation, contact us online or call us at 888-549-7011.


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