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Top Reasons Boats Catch on Fire

» Written by // November 12, 2020 //

Boat on fire.

A Fort Walton Beach Injury Law Firm Can Help Investigate Boat Fire Cases

Boats are often surrounded by water, so it can seem hard to believe that fire is one of the biggest dangers for boaters. When you understand why so many fires occur on the water, you can take steps to reduce your risks.

However, a Fort Walton Beach injury law firm sees many cases where boaters suffer casualties caused by someone else’s negligence or even fire on someone else’s property. Help protect yourself by learning about some of the common reasons boats catch on fire.

Many Fires Originate with a Boat’s Electrical System

Every fire needs a source of ignition and a source of fuel. These two factors are close to the area around most of a boat’s electrical components. So it is not surprising that so many fires originate with electrical systems near the motor.

Both the 12-volt DC electrical system and 120-volt AC system can provide the source of ignition for a boat fire. A Fort Walton Beach injury law firm sees boat fires triggered by factors such as:

  • Worn battery cables
  • Dirt, corrosion, and moisture in outlets
  • Loose battery connections
  • Improperly connected battery cables
  • Aged battery switches and other components
  • Wrong grade or low-quality wiring

Regular inspections can detect problems before they lead to a fire. It is a good idea to check for tight connections, corrosion on battery terminals, and wear on wiring.

A Fort Walton Beach Injury Law Firm Could Investigate to Determine if the Fire is Someone Else’s Fault

Many fires that destroy boats do not start on the boat itself but originate elsewhere and spread to the boat. Fires at marinas may be most common, but fires that start on other vessels or structures can also be the source of boat loss.

The reason for the fire and the rapid spread of flames can be caused by another person’s negligence. When that is the case, an injury firm in Fort Walton Beach could look for evidence to show that the responsible person should be required to pay for the consequences.

Other Reasons Boats May Catch on Fire

While electrical problems are often to blame for engine-related fires, many other engine issues could cause a boat to catch fire. Failures in the exhaust system or cooling system account for many boat fires. If water is not circulating properly through the system, an engine can overheat, often leading to fire.

A Fort Walton Beach injury firm with experience handling boat fire cases can help investigate to determine the cause of a boat fire. For example, a fire could have started at sources away from the engine, such as at a stove or in a fuel line.

A Fort Walton Beach Injury Firm Can Help After a Boat Fire

It is important to take steps to prevent boat fires and detect them quickly when they occur. If you suffered injuries because someone failed to take responsible action, a Fort Walton Beach injury law firm may be able to help you recover. Call us at 888-549-7011 or contact us online to learn more about your options.



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