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Injury Compensation: Can I Be Paid for a Broken Bone After an Accident?

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Broken bones are very common injuries, and for that reason, many accident victims in Fort Walton Beach believe that they are not serious enough to justify taking legal action to recover compensation after an accident. It is important to realize that just because an injury is common does not mean it’s not serious.

Moreover, Fort Walton Beach accident attorneys know that there are many types of bone fractures, some of which never fully heal. We explain what’s involved in recovering compensation for a broken bone.

Bone Fractures

The human body contains over 200 bones of all shapes and sizes. Although bone tissue is softer in children, it hardens as we reach maturity, and often becomes more brittle and prone to breakage as we age. Healing time for broken bones also increases with age, making broken bones a much more serious injury for the older population.

Medical professionals recognize many different types of bone fractures. In general, a fracture is considered open if it breaks the skin and closed if it does not. When the ends of a broken bone line up it is referred to as a stable fracture, but when there is a gap between the bone pieces, it is a displaced fracture that often requires surgery to repair.

Fort Walton Beach accident attorneys have assisted victims with broken bone injuries such as:

  • Transverse fractures where the bone breaks in a straight line. These are often caused by traumatic accidents like car crashes and falls.
  • Spiral fractures resulting from twisting injuries in accidents. This type of break spirals around long bones.
  • Oblique fractures where a long bone breaks diagonally during a fall or other accident.
  • Impacted fracture where broken bone ends are jammed together by force.
  • Segmental and comminuted fractures where the bone breaks into multiple pieces and takes much longer to heal.

While the body is able to heal some broken bone injuries over time, many fractures require open reduction surgery using pins, plates, rods or screws to hold bones together. In addition to the pain of the injury itself, victims also suffer a long, difficult recovery process and may never regain full strength.

Accidents That Commonly Lead to Fractures

Fort Walton Beach accident attorneys work with clients who suffer broken bone injuries in a variety of accidents including:

Severe fractures in accident cases are considered catastrophic injuries. So in many cases, accident victims who suffer broken bones are entitled to compensation when someone’s negligence causes the accident.

Contact Fort Walton Beach Accident Attorneys for a Free Case Evaluation

Are you entitled to recover for a broken bone injury? The answer lies in the circumstances. If your accident was the result of someone else’s failure to act responsibly, then you may be eligible for compensation through a lawsuit or settlement with an insurance company. To learn more about the options in your situation, contact the experienced Fort Walton Beach accident attorneys at Searcy Denney for a free consultation and case evaluation.


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